Adem Ramadani


  • Student at The Open University
  • Front-End Web Developer

Since I was young, I was fascinated with programming. The older I got, the more I wanted to be a software engineer. Now, I am a young programmer, and my biggest passion is to learn new things and solve problems.

The technology-driven world demands better and faster ways to solve difficult tasks, and programming has given me a diverse set of tools for tackling complex problems.

Gaining knowledge from a lot of different sources has made me a different person, better and well-prepared for the world. Things that bother me are problems that I cannot solve. I will stay up all night, if I need to, just to solve them. However, I don't stress myself, because I have learned to be calm and analyze everything to the core.

Udacity Projects

Front-End Web Development


Project 00


Project 01


Project 02